Many of my ancestors and other Irish immigrants worked for the New York New Haven Railroad. The Irish immigrants were the Railroad’s primary source of un-skilled laborers. It was common for members of a family or townland back in Ireland to immigrate to New Haven, find work and then send for family and friends.
New Haven Railroad Building
Derby Line
Derby Line of the NHRR

The New York New Haven Railroad

Winchester Repeating Arms– Another common place of employment for many of the Irish in New Haven was the Winchester Repeating Arms Co.(WPA)

Carriage Making

As mentioned on the main page, During the Civil War era New Haven’s “Carriage Industry” became one of the nation’s largest. You will note in the census and vital records that many occupations are listed as “carriage painter” and other occupations related to this growing industry.

Carriage Ad
Carriage Advertisement


Farmington Canal

shop front the hill
Shop front in The Hill section of New Haven
Silk Company
Looms at Silk Company